Wednesday, 14 November 2007

vivienne westwood

Vivienne Westwood living and working on her terms.

Carrie Bradshaw wore Vivienne Westwood during her stint at Vogue in Sex And The City, of course!

Dita Von Teese looks a knockout in this Vivienne Westwood design.

Tartan's back and Vivienne Westwood has always been a proponent.

The lady herself shows you don't have dress like a nana once you hit your 60s.

An odd assortment of pics you might think, but they've all got Dame Vivienne Westwood in common. I'm a huge fan for her fashions and the woman herself. Sure, I wouldn't wear everything that she puts out but there's a real craftsmanship in the tailoring of her clothes that you don't necessarily expect from the woman who created punk. Here are a few more reasons why she rocks...

Because she used to be a school teacher - can you imagine!

Because she created an entire fashion movement - punk - and she's still going strong creating amazing designs.

Because she embraces the past using 17th and 18th century cutting principles into her work.

Because she has wonky teeth.

Because she had the guts to accept her OBE knickerless in 1992. So Britney's doing nothing new there. Okay, not saying I think everyone should do this. But there's something refreshing about someone who breaks the mould and flouts society's conventions.

Because she said: "I know its arrogant, but I’m so appalled at the banality of everything else, if I do achieve any influence on that, it would be something I’d be proud to spend my life doing."

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