Thursday, 15 November 2007

Friday wrap: food, friends and fun

Scene Campagnarde I by Sophie Dalgleish.

I know I'm always busy but do you think I can remember anything to tell friends when we catch up! My mind draws a blank. That's one of the reasons I started a blog: to jolt my memory. But it's not working. So plan b is do include a weekly wrap with a few pointers for interesting events over the coming weekend. Here goes...

Bedroom bliss - went a Sheridan, Bonds and Peri product showing of their upcoming ranges. Love the fresh blue and white stripes from Bonds (and so incredibly cheap!) and the Klara linen from Sheridan.

Hair despair - finally found a hairdresser that can do something remotely interesting with my hair and he's off to become a dancer! Have been going to Valonz but the prices are gasp-worthy. Recommendations welcome.

Chow down at Chinta Ria - met up with a group of girls I used to work with. Haven't laughed so hard in ages (and at my expense!). If you've never eaten at Chinta Ria it's great for group get-togethers: easy-going service and delicious food.

Picnic perfect - D drove by Croquembouche and picked up some delicious French savoury tarts as well as some tasty desserts so we could have a picnic in Centennial Park after work. Bliss!

This weekend? Hope to head to opening night drinks for Sophie Dalgleish's first solo exhibition at Frances Keevil Gallery on Saturday night.

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